Fishing Has Evolved. Quadcopter For Placing Bait And Loaded With Sensors.

Posted on Jul 23 2015 - 10:22am by drakaal


Fishing is a 40,000 year old pastime that continues to evolve with technology. We now have super realistic fishing lures, sonar fish-finders, underwater cameras, graphite fishing rods, scented bait, etc… Poor fish.

Apparently all of this high tech fishing gadgetry wasn’t enough because now there is a fishing drone quadcopter. The AguaDrone is a waterproof quadcopter that has an accessory bay on the underside. Fisherman can opt for one of the following gadgets at a time –

  • A wireless camera. Land on the water and see what is below the surface.
  • A Fish Scout Pod. A sonar fish-finder system.
  • A Line Flyer Pod. A payload delivery system for allowing exact hook/line placement.


No more wondering where the fish are. No more blind casting in hopes of a bite. Now we just have to wait for the folks at AguaDrone to finalize production (should be in November). The copter with all attachment pods will be for sale around $1,100. Video after the break.

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