What the NIKEN?

Posted on May 30 2018 - 8:41am by Gadget King

2019-yamaha-mxt850-NIKEN-1The Yamaha NIKEN is a head turner for sure. On one hand it looks like a big brother to the Piaggio MP3 scooter. Sorry Yamaha, you had to know that people would say that. However, the color scheme and crazy forks has me doing a double take.

After riding reviews, many of the misconceptions about this crazy 3-wheeled motorcycle have been dispelled – and no, it isn’t a beginners bike. Read on for details, pictures, and video.


The 3-wheeled configuration makes viewers assume that this bike is for the beginner… but it isn’t. The Yamaha NIKEN has an 850cc 3-cylinder 110hp motor, quick shifter (manual), no automatic balancing features, no reverse, and it costs $16K. Not a beginners bike.

The engineers should get a prize for that crazy front linkage that synchs up the front tires. Most first time riders of the NIKEN say it rides pretty normal, like a 2-wheeled motorcycle.

All of this “stuff” up front makes it a bit heavier than your average motorcycle. The 3-wheels mean that lean angles are not as good as a traditional sport bike, get ready for foot dragging. A major plus is less front end slippage in wet weather I suppose.

  • Can you drift it? Fast forward the video to 8:20 to find out.
  • Can it be backed in? Fast forward the video to 9:12 to find out.
  • Can it wheelie? Fast forward the video to 9:33 to find out.

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