Flote m2 Tablet Floor Stand Review

Posted on Dec 3 2013 - 11:04am by Russ

Flote m2 Tablet Floor Stand

I honestly wouldn't have even known to look for this type of product had I not had issues using my current tablet (an iPad).  My main problem stemmed from long reading sessions where my wrists, arms, and shoulders would actually fatigue.  Sad, but true.  Hold anything in one position long enough and you will know what I mean.  I believe this is even used as a form of torture/punishment in the military.

Enter the Flote m2 Floor Stand.  It solves this problem in an elegant way.  It is a thing of beauty that compliments my iPad while allowing me to read/work hands-free.  No more pain.  Read on for the full Flote m2 Floor Stand.

Now that you are past the fold, I will tell you the tipping point that made me want a Flote tablet imagestand.  It is a bit embarrassing.  I was reading in bed with the iPad held directly above my face when I fell asleep.  Guess where the iPad landed.  Right on the bridge of my nose.  Ouch!

When I started looking for stands I came across plenty of contraptions that are simply not going to stand up to the test of time.  Some are made of plastic, some have bendy arms, some have several adjustable articulating arms.  Great in theory, but I imagine most will be in the trashcan in less than a years time.  As far as I can tell the Flote is the only "quality" tablet stand on the market.

Flote m2 Tablet Floor Stand

The Flote m2 Tablet Floor Stand is made of (powder coated?) metal.  The base of the unit is heavy and creates a steady anchor for use at any adjustment.  The unit is very well built and solid.  There are only a few adjustments; 1) a finger adjustable nut that locks the angle of the arm, 2) another to telescope the arm length in/out, and 3) a magnetic ball hinge for tilting the tablet angle, and 4) lastly the ability to swivel the vertical pole in the base.  The Flote m2 holds just about any tablet securely in the spring loaded clamp.  Once you have the adjustment set the way you like it, it does what you would expect it to do, it holds your tablet in place.

Flote m2 clampFlote m2

The Flote m2 looks good whether it is in use or not, and doesn't detract from your home décor.  It works whether you are standing, sitting, or laying down.  Now that I have used the Flote m2, I am hooked.

Flote m2 Stand

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