Wireless Orbita Mouse

Posted on Jul 7 2009 - 4:21pm by Lisa C.

Orbita Mouse

When I first saw the Orbita Wireless Mouse I was skeptical as Cyber Sport (the manufacturer) claimed it would render the scrollbar obsolete.  So, I dug a bit deeper and read reviews… I could be wrong… people actually love this thing.  Read on for details and videos of the UFO looking mouse after the break.


The ergonomic Orbita Mouse is a USB wireless rotating round mouse designed to enhance navigation in a wide range of Mac and PC applications.



Continuous scrolling for pace, comfort and precision

Enjoy hyper-fast continuous scrolling as you whizz through long documents at rapid speeds. Utilize horizontal scrolling to navigate web pages and spreadsheets with ease. Advanced precision scrolling to peruse lists or slide shows. It is all at your fingertips with the Orbita’s unique take on the scroll wheel. The ultimate scroll mouse designed to simplify computer navigation.

Elevate the power of Windows Vista with smooth scrolling



Discover new dimensions with a 3D mouse

The Orbita’s unprecedented functionality allows you to control 3D applications effortlessly. Build detailed models in computer aided design applications such as Google SketchUp or explore worlds with Google Earth. 3D navigation is so easy with a true 3D mouse. Whether you are a CAD professional or 3D application enthusiast, with the Orbita Mouse you can truly enjoy your 3D experience.

The Orbita is the ideal 3D mouse for Google Earth and Google SketchUp.



The ideal multimedia controller

Why buy a jog wheel to use with your mouse, when you can have it all-in-one? Enhance your productivity in video editing applications such as Final Cut Pro – the Orbita media mousegives you professional jog/shuttle wheel control. Create an audio masterpiece then turn up the volume knob. Play with dials in Logic, GarageBand and Traktor DJ. Whatever your multimedia mouse needs are, the Orbita will make audio and video editing a breeze.

See the Orbita jog and shuttle in Final Cut Pro.

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