SwitchEasy Tones iPhone 5 Case Review

Posted on Jun 19 2013 - 5:10am by Russ
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SwitchEasy Tones iPhone 5 Review

We are often reviewing iPhone cases (iPhone 5) and have gotten quite picky about what makes a "good case".  The SwitchEasy Tones ($20) for iPhone 5 do a good job protecting the iPhone 5 while keeping the two-tone texture/color scheme of the phone intact.  The SwitchEasy Tones come in a bunch of cool colors including black, green, grey, pink, purple, and white.  Not only do you get a solid case made of hard polycarbonate and rubber, they also throw in 2 headphone jack protectors, 2 lightning port protectors, 2 front screen films, 1 rear screen film, a squeegee, and a microfiber cloth.

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SwitchEasy Tones Review

Tones iPhone 5 Case Review

First thing I noticed when I got the Tones out of the packaging is that the case felt like it was well made.  It has a good grippy feel without being sticky or overly rubbery.  This is important for a few reasons.  One, I can slide it in/out of my pockets without it grabbing.  Two, it holds up to the test of time and doesn't stretch out and lose its shape or fit.

Visually the Tones cases look cool because they mimic the iPhone 5's two tone design instead of ignoring it.  This design cue is also functional as the top and bottom edges are thickened with shock absorbent TPU.

The audio and lighting port protectors are a nice touch and look great when installed.  I am a bit worried I will eventually misplace them but the case works great with or without them installed.  The screen protector is also a nice addition but I really like the back protector film.  The rear film might not sound important, but it is.  Regardless of the case you put on your phone, dirt and dust always finds a way inside.  In time, if not covered, scratches will occur.

SwitchEasy Tones Review

All of the buttons are covered by the case (with the exception of the slider switch) and work and feel good.  The Tones Case is the one currently wrapped around my iPhone 5.  It looks and works great and ages well!

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