InkBox Temporary Tattoo Lasts For 2 Weeks

Posted on Aug 11 2015 - 10:55am by Russ

InkBox Temporary Tattoo

The commitment of a real tattoo is pretty scary stuff. Don’t believe me, check out these jewels –

Gross Tattoo Bad Tattoos Awful Tattoo Terrible Tattoo

Short of the lick-n-stick tattoo’s which look ok but a bit fake, what are your options? Henna? Nah. Check out this clever all-natural, fruit based, temporary tattoo that lasts for 2 weeks. The company is called InkBox and has some existing designs which are decent, but not super-amazing. Hang in there though because they are finishing up a KickStarter campaign that is going to add custom tattoos to the mix. They have also simplified the application process and shortened the time it takes to apply your temporary tattoo. Video of the InkBox Tattoo after the break.

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