The Cash Cannon

Posted on Jul 9 2014 - 10:11am by Robby S.

The Cash Cannon

This is exactly what you think it is, a gun that shoots dollar bills (or any similar sized paper) in a controlled stream.  Strippers beware.

You simply lift the top cover, load it with money, and pull the trigger.  The Cash Cannon ($59.99) uses a 9 volt battery, motor, and rubber roller assembly to move the money.  Perfect for strip clubs, dance clubs, or your favorite sporting events.

The Cash Cannon is a toy that dispenses paper items in a rapid but user controlled manner. The preferred item of choice to dispense is of course cash but any item that fits in the loading compartment and out of the slot will work with the device. The Cash Cannon is the first device that performs this function and is simple enough in terms of design to be mass manufactured for the public use.

Videos of the Cash Cannon after the break.

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