Toshiba Smarbo Ready To Dismiss The Roomba

Posted on Aug 26 2011 - 8:22am by Robby S.

Toshiba Smarbo

As much as I sorta like my Roomba vacuum, I would be much happier to give my money to Toshiba.  Why?  Because I haven't had much luck getting iRobot on the phone when I had an issue.  Sure, Toshiba might be more of the same, but I am ready to hop ship. 

The Toshiba Smarbo robot vacuum has a camera, two CPUs, gyro sensors, acceleration sensors, range detection sensors, and more.  The Toshiba Smarbo will cover a 100sqm in about 90 minutes.  Expect to see the Toshiba Smarbo in October, the tough part to swallow is the $1,175 price tag (includes remote control and charging station).

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