Disney Appmates Allow Toys To Play On Your iPad

Posted on Sep 27 2011 - 8:30am by Craig

Disney Appmates

Disney is taking the iPad and making it a play space for toys.  The Disney Appmate system interacts with the toys sitting on top of the touchscreen and can recognize each toy by its unique footprint.  The app then tailors the experience to the toy in play.  The current toys available are Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, Finn McMissile, and Holley Shiftwell.  November will see the addition of Francesco Bernoulli and Shu Todoroki.

Expect to see the Disney iPad Appmate system for sale on October 1st for $20 (which includes 2 cars).

If I was a kid, I would love this type of thing.  But as a parent, who loves his iPad, this app/toy combo isn't coming anywhere near my iPad.

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