eBay raising the rates on the sneaky

Posted on Jan 29 2008 - 7:25pm by Gadget King

eBay is raising the rates again! The best part is the sneaky way they are going about the increases. They are lowering the insertion fee (the cheapest part of the transaction) while raising the percentages for the final value fees. So you will save 5 pennies on the insertion fee while paying an increase of over 3.5 percent on the closing price of the auction. In other words… you will be paying more for your listings. This fun begins on February 20th, 2008.

Ebay Raising Fees

This quote had me rolling on the floor… amazing how eBay can raiser rates all while putting together crafty quotes like this –

“You asked, we listened. We’re reducing Insertion Fees and adjusting Final Value Fees to lower your up-front cost to sell on eBay.”

When will the greed subside?