Shoshone Lodge Near Yellowstone Park

Posted on Sep 26 2013 - 8:36am by Gadget King
grizzly bear country
Arrived at the East entrance of Yellowstone Park and made Shoshone Lodge our home for two days. Hiked scared for 6 miles in grizzly bear territory. We each held on to a can of bear spray and looked backwards anytime we stepped on a twig. There were grizzly bear (and black bear) tracks everywhere and even grizzly bear fur on the trees.

We got lazy the second day and let the horses do the walking. Spent 4 hours exploring the amazing back country and saw some huge moose.

People here like to kill things. Steve wanted to post the antler pyramid and some evil taxidermied critters.

The car stalking app is still live here -  (thanks Zemango).  More pictures after the break.

grizzly bear fur on tree Jackalope Angry animal Antler Pyramid bear tracks Thirsty Horse Shoshone foot bridge Horsing around

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