BiteMyApple Nova–A Wireless iPhone Camera Flash

Posted on Jun 11 2014 - 11:55am by Robby S.


As if the nerds over at haven't already made enough cool Apple accoutrements they are now adding a wireless iPhone Camera Flash dubbed the Nova to the product fold.  The Nova Bluetooth iPhone Flash ($59.99) has a built-in battery and allows iPhone photographers to add another angle of light to their pictures with ease.  In theory, this will make for better pictures by adding another lighting angle of soft, natural light.  Great idea.

The specs on the Nova are quite light, no idea how long the battery lasts, how you recharge it, etc,  All we know is that it has 40 points of diffused light and that it weighs just 1-ounce.  Great idea, no idea if it is bright enough to make a large difference in the real world.  If we get our hands on the Nova wireless flash we will do a full review.  Read on for details.

Optimized-Nova_Wireless_iPhone_Flash announces the availability of Nova, a wireless off-camera flash that transforms your iPhone photos from nice to simply stunning.  This Bluetooth-enabled accessory combines technology and photographic principles to deliver images rich with color and depth.  

The standard iPhone flash can cause subjects to appear washed out or bring attention to imperfections by casting hard shadows. Nova's flash illuminates the subject with natural skin tones, softer shadows and visible depth.  It is a separate piece that pairs to your phone via Bluetooth.  Simply connect to the free Nova app, point, and shoot.

iPhoneographers can get creative with their shots by using the app to choose one of three temperature-adjusted white lights.  Soft light brightens the subject and environment while reducing shadows, warm light provides natural shots with flattering skin tones, and brilliant light ensures a clear photo even in the dark.  Feeling even more creative?  Switch to the advanced mode, and select a mix of cool to warm and dim to bright.

Nova boasts 40 points of light diffused behind a white panel.  This layout is the reason behind the easy-on-the-eyes flash, and the resulting stunning photo.  The Nova is so slim and lightweight (1 ounce) that you can store it in the credit card slot of your wallet for easy access and safekeeping.

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