FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former

Posted on Jul 31 2017 - 8:56am by gchoe

FormBox Vacuum Former Desktop

The FormBox is a desktop vacuum former for making small/medium sized objects. Think 3D scanner and 3D printer mixed together. You hook the FormBox to your household vacuum cleaner and can quickly form objects from existing items. Perfect for making plastic products or molds for other items.

What is vacuum forming?

Vacuum forming is a large industrial process traditionally found in factories. With the FormBox, we’ve made it simple and small enough to fit on your tabletop.

From concrete plant pots to customised chocolates, the FormBox has a whole host of different applications. Here’s some things we’ve been working on…

FormBox Vacuum Former Gif FormBox Vacuum Former In action FormBox Vacuum Former Molds FormBox Vacuum Former Plastic FormBox Vacuum Former vid

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