Opinel DIY Knife

Posted on Nov 7 2016 - 9:41am by Pete M


Ever heard of Opinel knives? Yep, me neither but it turns out they have been making great EDC knives  in France since the late 1800’s. This yellow (or grey) handled beauty adds a new trick to an otherwise traditional knife in the form of two screwdriver bits. The bits are nestled on the sides of the handle and fit in the end for use. The Opinel N Degree9 DIY Knife is a steal at just $26 here.

With the same attention to simplicity and reliability, Opinel has designed other ranges of knives and tools for all those who appreciate effective cutting. A simple, robust and faithful tool, this essential little knife has been in the pockets of the greatest artists, adventurers, navigators and Mountaineers including Pablo Picasso, Roger Frison Roche, Alain colas, Eric Tabarly, jean-louis Etienne, Ellen Mac Arthur, Paul Bocuse and many more. A constant landmark, cited in countless books and songs, Opinel has Risen to the status of a timeless cult object, an unavoidable symbol of French culture.

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