NBC.com Streaming 30 Rock And The Office To Your iPhone

Posted on May 8 2008 - 10:26am by Russ

NBC Streaming iPhone

NBC is now streaming 30 Rock and The office to the iPhone via the Safari browser and QuickTime. Very slick, but don’t bother attempting this over the slow edge network. Wait until you have a wifi connection.

“Streaming 30 Rock over our quick Wi-Fi network was rather pleasant. After waiting six seconds while the data loaded, the show started with nary a dropped frame. But this video is not looking good, not at all. Even on the iPhone’s tiny screen, the resolution is decidedly grainy and a bit washed out. The episode is inconveniently split into three parts, but each starts up quickly and plays without a hitch. And hey, check it out: There are no commercials.”

[Via Dvice]

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