Star Wars Speeder Bike Remote Controlled Drone

Posted on Oct 12 2016 - 9:42am by gchoe


If you happen to be a quad-copter and Star Wars lover then this fun toy will check both boxes. The Air Hogs Star Wars Speeder Bike Remote Control ($149) is basically a quad-copter fashioned to look like a Speeder Bike. Awesome.

The Air Hog Speeder Bike RC is gyro-stabilized, has a 200ft range, and comes with a 4-channel remote control.

The Air Hogs Star Wars Speeder Bike Drone features height-lock technology that makes it easy to race above ground at a consistent, smooth height. The forests of Endor are full of obstacles and this Speeder Bike features a durable construction to survive any tough landing.

air-hogs-star-wars-speeder-bike-remote-control-1 air-hogs-star-wars-speeder-bike-remote-control-2 air-hogs-star-wars-speeder-bike-remote-control-3 air-hogs-star-wars-speeder-bike-remote-control-4 air-hogs-star-wars-speeder-bike-remote-control-5 air-hogs-star-wars-speeder-bike-remote-control-6 air-hogs-star-wars-speeder-bike-remote-control-7

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