Ten One Design Magnus Magnetic iPad Stand Review

Posted on Sep 10 2012 - 11:39am by Russ

Magnus Ipad Stand

A few of our favorite things came together in a product (aluminum, magnets, and clean simple design) so we had to review it.  Ten One Design's iPad stand is a lesson in minimalist clean design, in fact it almost looks like it was made by Apple.  Read on for the Magnus iPad Stand review.

Ten One Design Magnus Magnetic iPad Stand Review

First thing I noticed about the Magnus iPad Stand when reviewing it was that it was milled from a single piece of aluminum.  The design is very simple, clean, strong, and lightweight.  The color of the aluminum is almost a perfect color match to the iPad and uses integrated magnets to secure the iPad 2 (or 3rd generation iPad) when in landscape orientation.  When the iPad is placed into the Magnus stand in portrait orientation it uses a tiny edged lip to hold it in place.  Either way the stand is sturdy and holds the iPad at the perfect viewing angle.

Magnus iPad Stand Review

The Magnus iPad stand has four rubber feet so it stays put on your desk and keeps the aluminum from scratching your surface.  The design is so minimalist that it tends to hide in the background letting your iPad be the center of attention, the way it should be.

Ten One Design Magnus iPad Stand

I don't consider this stand to be the type you would travel with, it is more a keep it on your desk type of accessory.  I have been through quite a few docks and the Magnus is now the one that stays on my desk.  Yours for $39.99 here.

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