Nauti-Craft Boats Laugh At The Waves

Posted on Mar 14 2017 - 9:41am by Lew

Nauti-Craft Marine Suspension Technology Boat

If you have ever been out on a boat during rough conditions you it can get pretty unbearable. The Nauti-Craft Marine Suspension Technology separates the boats hull from the deck via a superstructure. More details and video of this awesome boat suspension after the break.

• Reduced slamming and jarring motions

  • Improves comfort and safety.

• Reduced roll and pitch motions.

  • Reduces sea sickness.

• Improved planing speed in rougher conditions

  • Improves speed comfort and efficiency.

• Cost Versus Performance

  • Allows a smaller vessel to provide seakeeping typically only found in larger vessels while having the lower operating costs of a smaller vessel.

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