Solar Roof Tiles Get Smart

Posted on Mar 13 2008 - 7:58am by Russ


Sure solar roof tiles are not exactly new… however SRS Energy has taken the solar roof tile to the next level. They have taken a smart approach to the reality of “what it takes” to get them installed, by making the tiles more contractor friendly. The tiles are delivered to the job site on pallets and are installed with a hammer and nail, just like regular asphalt tiles.

“The SRS team has collaborated with the building industry to ensure we deliver a product roofing distributors want to sell, roofers can install, and homeowners desire.
SRS roofing systems consist of Active tiles (electrically generating) and Inactive tiles (non-electric, visually identical to Active tiles). The majority of the roof is installed with traditional underlayment (water protection), battens, and Inactive tiles. Active tiles are plugged into connectors featured on the SRS Underlayment/ Batten sheet, installed in electrically generating portions of the roof.
The patented SRS connection system eliminates the complex system wiring normally found on solar roofs, and makes installing tiles with and without solar an easy “hammer and nails” process.
In addition to installing like traditional roofing, SRS tiles look and feel like traditional premium roofing as well. Unlike other solar modules or solar roofing tiles, SRS Active tiles are glass-free. SRS tiles are distributed on palettes, with the size and weight of typical roofing product.”

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