IXION Windowless Jet Is Much Cooler Than It Sounds

Posted on Aug 15 2014 - 10:02am by Lew

IXION Windowless Jet Concept

At first pass a windowless jet sounds like a horrible idea. Who wants to sit inside an airplane for a long flight with no window view? Not me.

The IXION Windowless Jet Concept manages to take a windowless jet and give it the most awesome views via an innovative display system. The interior of the jet is one large HD display that can show panoramic exterior views in real time from fuselage and wing mounted cameras. This technology can also use the screen for watching movies or doing in-flight video conference calls.

The system is only limited by the imagination. They can add scenery from the beach, and underwater dive, outer space, a tropical jungle, etc… You gotta see it to believe it… video after the break of the windowless jet.


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