The IDAPT i4 Charging Station

Posted on Apr 20 2011 - 10:28am by Russ

IDAPT i4 Universal Charger Red

Thank the Lord, cut the cord!  We now have the IDAPT Universal Charging Station which works with most (if not all) phones, cameras, MP3 players, and other electronic gadgets.  Angry Birds forever-eva!  I had two cell-phones (miniUSB and microUSB), an iPod Classic, and an iPod Touch charging at the same time.  The charge time for all gadgets remained the same,

all from one cord.  The design is simple and clean, and works great.  The red-to-green light charge indicator tells you (from a distance) when you are ready to party.

There is another very useful upgrade/attachment to the IDAPT i4 as well:  a rechargeable battery pack which I need to order.  They thought of everything.

Your power-strips and wall outlets are about to get a lot less cluttered.  Its time to dig up the Tinker Bell night light and plug her back in (or the Glade Plug-ins for you stinky types).

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