VanMoof Electrified Bike With Theft Prevention

Posted on May 29 2018 - 9:54am by Lisa C.

VanMoof Smart S BikeIf you haven’t heard of VanMoof Electric Bikes you may be missing out on arguably some of the most beautiful electric bikes out there. Not only are they good looking, but they also have some serious antitheft tools built-in. Read more for details of their latest X2 and S2 bikes.

Both the X2 (the more portable, smaller version) and the S2 both pack the same tech and both are getting a refresh – new frame, display, battery, motor, and smartphone app. They are also getting an enhanced security system that adds an integrated speaker, alarm, and invisible stealth lock.

Some external bits that were upgraded include a glossy paint, better integrated front and rear lights with less welding seams, new front forks, and a new display that disappears when not in use. Inside you get more efficient motors, larger batteries, faster charge times (4-hours), a top speed of 19mph, and a longer range (93 miles in eco mode).

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