ECBC K7 Series Poseidon Messenger Bag Review

Posted on Mar 18 2013 - 8:02am by V Ramos
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  • Size and weight
  • Strap
  • Extra compartments

ECBC K7 Series Messenger Bag Review

I’ve had my 13-inch notebook for a long while now and just never bothered to buy a sleeve or a notebook bag.  A couple of weeks ago friend had asked me to give the EC-BC K7 Poseidon Messenger Bag (black) a go.  So I did.

Read on for my review of the ECBC K7 Series Poseidon Messenger Bag.

ECBC K7 Series Poseidon Messenger Bag Review

ECBC K7 Series Poseidon Messenger Bag Review
The ECBC K7 is a very simple-looking, compact bag on the outside.  The material (exterior) it's made out of is called Kodra – an air-treated, nylon fabric with water repellent coating.  The inside lining is made of ‘double diamond ripstop’ (not sure what exactly that is -  but I think it means soft and smooth!).
So I put in my notebook.  It fits nicely and snugly with just enough wiggle room to get the notebook out with ease.  There’s a modular insert that can be removed if you have a slightly larger notebook.  It also has an additional compartment for another device – so I put my iPad in. It sits cozily next to my notebook. Perfect.

ECBC K7 Series Messenger Bag Shoulder Strap
The shoulder pad is very comfortable and the strap is very easy to adjust to the length I want it to be.  If you have more stuff to carry, there’s nothing to worry about.  This bag has a lot of side pockets (with velcro closures) that can hold your cell phone, pens, pad of paper, business cards, etc.  But the thing that surprises me the most is the small zipped-pocket on the side – it opens up to hold a regular size water bottle! I’ll never go thirsty with this messenger bag.

The only thing I’m still getting used to is the velcro-buckle main closure combo.  I don’t think to undo the buckles because I don’t see them right away.
They are tucked under the main flap so when you try to open the bag and you hear that velcro sound, you think the bag is going to open but it’s not.
All in all, I consider the EC-BC K7 Series Messenger Bag an awesome bag to have.

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