German Rail Company Uses Drones To Catch Graffiti As It Happens

Posted on May 28 2013 - 8:09am by Russ

German Train Drones

Another new day, another new way to used drones.  Seems like all of those sci-fi movies of the past are coming true.  Soon your every move will be recorded from drones that you can't see or hear flying above.

In this case, a German railway network, Deutsche Bahn, is deploying drones to catch people trying to graffiti on their trains.  In 2012 alone their trains were defaced about 14,000 times, costing a whopping $9.8 million dollars to repair.  The company will start using the graffiti hunting drones in their larger depots.  Since most graffiti takes place at nights when it is darker and quieter, the drones are nearly silent and have infrared cameras.  No surprise that Deutsche Bahn will be seeking criminal prosecution.  These drones can fly at altitudes of 492 feet for 80-minutes at a time with a top speed of 33-mph.

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