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Posted on Feb 14 2020 - 8:48am by Ty G

If you happen to have a Sanction Green Aston Martin sitting in the garage then you should pull out your credit card and grab one of these Aston Martin E-Bikes by French e-bike maker Coleen. It is based on Coleen’s Composer bike and can hit 29 MPH with a 59-mile range. Some cool features include hydraulic brakes, a slick integrated display, belt drive, and an app that protects the bike from theft and tracks rides. ...

Posted on Feb 5 2020 - 9:30am by Ty G

Super73-RX is the best bike that Super73 has to offer. It comes in two colors (grey/yellow and red/white) and is expected to start shipping in the Spring of 2020. It isn’t exactly cheap at $2,995 but it looks pretty bad-ass. Some specs of the Super73-RX include; aluminum alloy frame adjustable rear piggyback Coilover mono-shock inverted fork suspension internally geared brushless 2000 watt motor 960 watt-hour battery (40+ miles of range at 20mph with only throttle and 75+ miles with ECO pedal-assist mode) Roxim Z4E Elite 600 lumen...

Aston Martin Brough Superior AMB 001 Motorcycle Right Side

What the heck is going on? Aston Martin teamed up with Brough Superior to make a motorcycle? Harley Davidson is making e-bikes? Time to short some stocks. Read on for a bit more on this craziness. (more…)

Posted on Oct 25 2018 - 9:53am by Craig

First glance at the Structure Cycleworks SCW1 and you realize this isn’t your traditional mountain bike. The suspension designers threw out years of traditional suspension forks and opted for a linkage-style suspension. “The telescoping suspension fork has been highly refined over the past quarter-century, but will always suffer from two major drawbacks: instability under load and friction,” Structure Cycleworks CEO Loni Hull tells us. “The former...

VanMoof Smart S BikeIf you haven’t heard of VanMoof Electric Bikes you may be missing out on arguably some of the most beautiful electric bikes out there. Not only are they good looking, but they also have some serious antitheft tools built-in. Read more for details of their latest X2 and S2 bikes. (more…)

Let me start off by saying this strange little electric folding bicycle isn’t going to replace your main bike. The JupiterBike 2.0 is built for extreme portability and mobility, for example; in the trunk of your car, your airplane, boat, or RV. The Jupiter Electric Folding Bike can go 15-mph and has a range of 10-miles on a single charge. Not to shabby for something that can find in a backpack. More pictures and video of the JupiterBike 2.0 after the...

Fat tire bikes are pretty cool but awfully tough to get up the mountain with all of that rolling resistance. Sure, you could electrify the bike and make the rear wheel assist with the climb, but the folks at Easy Motion made an AWD e-bike. The Easy Motion Evo AWD Big Bud Pro + ($3,499) has added a 350-watt rear hub motor and a 250-watt hub motor up front to their 2-wheel drive fat bike. “The drive system has four modes. You can run with 100 percent front or...

Coast Cycles Buzzraw Stealth E1000 Electric Bike 37

A throwback bike of yesteryear that could pass itself off as just a pedal bike. It is a pedal bike, but it happens to have 1000-watts of juice and a Bafang mid-drive motor. That just means that this little stealth black electric bike can hit 37-mph! The Coast Cycles Buzzraw E1000 will set you back about $3,300, but hey… life is short. Heck, you could even grow a man-pony like the guy on the bike. On second thought, don’t grow a man-pony. (more…)


Electric bikes continue to evolve and find their way. From throttle controlled to pedal assisted there is something for everyone. Price points, batteries, motors, and component options mean that prices are all over the price. The Sur-Ron (LightBee) is just $3,500. If you have been following the electric dirt bike market you know that this price is pretty hard to beat There is a $150 pedal option, but is more of an electric motorcycle aimed squarely at the 80cc dirt bikes.

The Sur Ron is perfect for having a blast while not assaulting your ears or annoying your neighbors. It makes the normal “electric” noises but compared to a two-stroke motorcycle it is positively whisper quiet. The Sur-Ron weighs in at just 110 lbs, has a 6-kW (8 hp) mid-drive axial-flux motor, 200 Nm of torque at the rear wheel, and a single-speed powertrain.

The battery pack is removable (and lockable) and is made up of 176 Panasonic 18650 cells for a total of 33 Ah at 60 volts. Wheels are 19-inches with four-piston hydraulic brakes with Intersect TR shocks and Fastace forks. These parts are more like heavy duty mountain bike parts than actual dirt bike parts but they do help to keep weight down. Speaking of weight, the frame is a forged aluminum cradle style that weighs 17.2 lbs.

More pictures, videos, and specs after the break. (more…)

Posted on Jan 26 2018 - 8:37am by Ty G

A Swedish based EV company named Cake has come out with their first product, this ugly minimalist designed electric bike – the Kalk. I can’t get over the name. “I’m gonna grab my Kalk and head home, see ya’ll tomorrow.” The Cake Kalk ($14,000) is built for on and off-road riding and can hit 50 MPH with a range of 50-miles. In staying with the “50” theme, they are limiting the initial production run to 50 units. ...