Too Busy To Read The Full Article? Download The TLDR Plug-In

Posted on Jan 9 2013 - 10:15am by gchoe

TLDR Plugin

Let's face it sometimes you just want to get to the bottom-line of a long wordy article without 5 minutes of reading.  While this isn't useful for a site like GadgetKing, it comes in handy when writers are paid by the word. 

The TLDR plug-in for Firefox, Safari, and Chrome makes summarizing the important information of just about any web information quick and easy.  After installing the TLDR plug-in (I am using it in Firefox) it places a square button next to the Home button.  Any time you don't want to read a long article press that button and you get a quick summary of the page.  You also have the option for short, medium, long, and original.

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