OTTOLOCK Lightweight Bike Lock

Posted on Aug 28 2017 - 11:08am by Ty G

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The OTTOLOCK is a clever take on the age old problem of what bike lock should I use. You can go with the super heavy and slightly more secure locks but you have to lug that weight around with you. And to be fair, all locks, yes all locks, can be compromised rather quickly with the right tools. Think angle grinders, plasma cutters, bolt cutters and the like. If you leave a nice bike locked overnight in the urban jungle it will most likely not make it through the night regardless of your locking solution. You get the point.


The OTTOLOCK is super lightweight at just 120g and it wraps up like a 3-inch bracelet. The OTTOLOCK can easily be stored in a pocket, under the seat post, or just about anywhere on the bike frame. I have watched a bunch of videos showing how tough this lock is, but I have yet to see a video showing it go up against a grinder. Videos after the break.

OTTOLOCK comes in three sizes and colors; 18-inch, 30-inch, and 60-inch (black, green, orange). It is made tough by multiple layers of steel and kevlar. Perfect for the bike, but also great for your expensive cooler or stroller. Check it out here.

OTTOLOCK_BandCutaway OTTOLock_Colors   OTTOLOCK_YetiCooler

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