36-Inch Umbrella Hat

Posted on Jul 6 2016 - 11:45am by Gadget King

Large Umbrella Hat

I know, I know. An umbrella hat, really? Yes! I just got back from a long camping trip and have some not so cool sunburns. Health risks aside, I look goofy. I have the famous redneck burn and t-shirt tan.

So here goes the logic with the umbrella hat. Sure, you will look goofy while you are gardening or fishing, but you won’t have an awful sunburn/tan for several weeks.

Back to the umbrella hat. It is a huge 36-inches in diameter and weighs just 8.4-ounces. It also has 7 vents, a silver heat reducing color, and an adjustable headband. Get your $16 dollars out and get yours now. If nothing else, you will have a great white elephant present on hand.

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