ECool Cooler Buries Your Beer For Free Cooling

Posted on May 29 2014 - 10:04am by Craig


While the eCool Underground Beer Cooler ($349) is a neat idea, I question its ability to get beer "cold".  Unless of course you live in a climate where your ground is icy cold, aka permafrost.  And yes, while technically it should be colder underground, I can't imagine it being cold in say, Phoenix, AZ.  Maybe I am wrong, I haven't tried burying my beer 3-4 feet yet.  I usually use a cooler or refrigerator.  Silly me.

My last gripe with this "cool" idea is that there isn't one video of this product in action, just a bunch of renderings.  Granted, who ever did their renderings did a great job.

The earth cooler from eCool is invented, developed and patented by four guys from Mors, a small island in northern Denmark. The parts are likewise produced and assembled on Mors by hand.

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