The Till Watch

Posted on Apr 28 2014 - 8:54am by Lisa C.


The Till Watch ($125) takes a neat approach to telling time, it does it "visually".  For example if it is 12:30 the Till Watch will display that time as "Half past Twelve".  Pretty cool twist in this digital age, back to using good old fashioned words.

"˜Till Watch is available either with a brushed stainless steel case or a black IP stainless steel case. It measures 40mm (1.57"³) in diameter and has a 20mm wide silicone band. The watch measures 9 1/2"³ from end to end with 7"³ to the closest hole and 9 1/2"³ inches from the farthest hole. The brushed stainless steel case is complemented with a brushed stainless steel buckle.


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