Batman or Spiderman?

Posted on Feb 14 2008 - 10:40am by Gadget King

In an effort to keep the economy afloat by spending on totally useless items… we are trying to decide which item to buy for our next product review. It really comes down to a choice between wanting to be Batman or Spiderman. Read on for details.
Grappling Hook GunNet Gun

If you are more of a “Spiderman” type of person, like Rob Dyrdek of the Rob & Big show, you will be wielding the net gun.

If you are a “Batman” buff, and have room for the (almost) 4 foot long gun, then the Grappling hook gun is for you.

Either way, both options are relatively expensive


Grappling hook gun

Net gun


19 lbs

3 lbs


Almost 4 feet long (44 in.)


Coolness Factor (1-10)




$$$ ???


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