Safely Refill Your Disposable 1-LB Propane Bottles

Posted on Nov 25 2016 - 11:06am by Pete M


If you have a camp stove, BBQ, or heater that uses the green 1-lb propane bottles have a read.

These 1-lb propane tanks/bottles are sold as disposables. Not cool. Such a well made mini tank that gets tossed in the trash after just a few hours of use. People throw them away because most don’t know that they can be refilled with a special adapter.

For just $9 you can buy an adapter that allows you to refill the 1-lb propane bottles with a standard bulk 20-50 lb tank (like the one on your bbq grill). Check out the video after the break to see how easy it is.

universal-propane-bottle-refill-adapter-for-1lb-bottle universal-propane-bottle-refill-adapter-on-20lb-tank  universal-propane-bottle-refill-adapter universal-propane-tank-refill-adapter-solid-brass-regulator-valve-accessory-for-all-1-lb-tank-small-cylinders


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