TiVo Mega – The Largest TiVo DVR To Date

Posted on Sep 10 2014 - 8:31am by gchoe

TiVo Mega DVR

Most of the content provider DVR boxes have a minimal amount of storage. This is surely a cost savings measure. This means users have to delete some good shows to fit more. Not an optimal experience.

Enter the TiVo Mega, the largest TiVo DVR. The TiVo Mega ($5,000) has 24TB of storage which allows 26,000 hours of video or a full 4,000 hours of HD video. There are also 6 built-in tuners so you can record 5 shows while watching a sixth at the same time. The machine also uses a RAID 5 configuration for data protection and makes drive swapping super easy as well.


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