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Posted on Mar 26 2015 - 10:32am by Russ

Pop Mount Dropcam Pro Front Comparison

The Dropcam Pro is a pretty good camera system for keeping tabs on your home or business. It is easy to setup and use despite having a larger than necessary base and mounting system. Read on for the Dropcam Pro review here.

I got ahold of a Pop Mount Kit for the Dropcam Pro and it is a huge improvement over the stock one that comes with the camera. Not only is is smaller, it has more articulation for different angles and can even mount on windows, tripods, magnetic surfaces, and more. Read on for the Dropcam Pro Magnetic and Suction Cup Multi-Surface Mounting Kit.

Dropcam Pro Magnetic and Suction Cup Multi-Surface Mounting Kit Review

     PopMount Dropcam Pro Mount Compared With Original

* Spoiler alert. As of today, this is the best mount for the Dropcam Pro that I have gotten my hands on. It is what should come with the camera from the beginning.


PopMount Dropcam Pro Mounting Options



Packaging and contents – It doesn’t get much slimmer than this packaging. No extra waste here. The packaging is small enough to fit in your front pants pocket. Inside you will find a quick start guide, a magnetic receiver socket, a threaded receiver socket (for attaching to tripod or suction cup), two threaded suction cups, a metal mounting plate, and the Dropcam Pro mounting ring with male socket. At first glance the simplicity had me wondering if this was smaller mounting system would work as I hoped.


Pop Mounts contents\


Design and build - The Pop Mounts tagline is totally accurate, “simple – intuitive – micro”. That pretty much sums it up. After removing the OEM mounting ring from the Dropcam Pro you simply slide the slimmer PopMount version on to the camera. From here, decide if you are mounting on to the window, a flat surface, a tripod, or a metallic surface (pipes, railings, or a refrigerator for example) and pick the relevant hardware. I ended up using the suction cup widow mount and it has been stuck on the glass for over 2-weeks and the suction cup is holding strong.


Pop Mount Dropcam Pro Window Mount



If you are mounting your camera on painted drywall there is no need to drill three holes like the stock mount requires. The PopMount has a metal plate that is a bit bigger than a quarter and comes with double stick tape and a single hole if you need to use a screw, pushpin, or nail.

One gripe I have with the stock mount that comes with the Dropcam Pro, other than the size, is that it doesn’t always allow the viewing angle I desired. The PopMount will allow you to point the camera in just about any angle you can imagine. The ring mount is designed in such a way that you can pop out the camera and put in in the other direction for more angles. Well designed while still being very simple.

Pros – Endless viewing angles. More mounting options (glass, slick surfaces, magnetic, tripod, etc..). Small and lightweight.

Cons – Hmm. Tough one. Let me get back to you.

Conclusion – The PopMount Dropcam Pro mounting kit ($35) is the best mount on the market today. Very intuitive and easy to use. A big improvement over the original mount.


Pop Mounts Dropcam Pro Side View

Pop Mounts Dropcam Pro Comparison Review


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