The Bobber GoPro Floating Handle

Posted on May 29 2012 - 8:32am by Gadget King

GoPro Floating Handle The Bobber

No doubt that GoPro Cameras in the wild have provided some great action video.  However, I can't stand the look of the camera mounted on the top of helmets.  Looks just like a Teletubby.  This GoPro floating handle has nothing to do with the Teletubby look but I just had to get that off of my chest.

The Bobber attaches to the GoPro camera and if the diver shooting video happens to lose hold of his cam it will float to the surface.  The GoPro would normally sink on it's own.  The Bobber is available here for only $29.99.

  • Attaches Directly to all GoPro® HERO Cameras
  • Floats Camera + LCD BacPac or Battery BacPac
  • Even Floats Camera + 3D HERO systemâ„¢
  • Textured Logo Design Adds Grip
  • Includes Wrist Strap

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