xCraft Rogue 100-MPH Drone

Posted on Sep 13 2016 - 11:07am by Adam E


Drone, or quadcopter, racing is growing in popularity. Drone racers are looking for ways to be able to fly their FPV (first person view) rigs faster and faster. Enter the xCraft Rogue model which can hit speeds over 100MPH.

The xCraft Rogue comes with a “rear booster” motor which can be activated remotely. Think of it as nitrous for your quadcopter.

For the experienced quadcopter builders they have a $100 frame kit. There is also a $550 version which comes without the radio and receiver. For the folks who just want to buy-and-fly there is a $1,000 version with FPV goggles, two batteries, a charger, and extra prop set for out-of-the-box racing.

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