Acase Unveils InaTrap, Possibly The Best Looking Insect Killer

Posted on Jun 13 2012 - 9:28am by Russ

Acase InaTrap Designer Insect Trap

Long story short, I haven't had the best luck with insect traps, specifically mosquito traps.  Most have failed me.  In fact I have wasted quite a bit of money on useless mosquito traps like the NosQuito trap.  With that said, I have yet to get my hands on the Acase InaTrap which is one good looking bug catcher.  The InaTrap claims to catch bugs / mosquito’s using a soft LED light and a photo-catalyst reaction which produces low levels of warm CO2, it then traps them with a quite and powerful fan.  Can't wait to try one out, full press release after the break.

Acase, in partnership with award-winning design house inadays, unveils InaTrap, the elegant way to eliminate mosquitos and insects without the use of harsh chemicals, propane tanks or unsightly equipment.  Through the combination of technology, eco-friendliness, and elegance, Inatrap easily prevents mosquitos from spreading diseases or creating itches and scratches.
Inatrap's functional design lures mosquitos in by using a soft LED light and a photo-catalyst reaction to produce low levels of CO2 in a warm atmosphere, mimicking the presence of a human being.  Once close to Intrap's vicinity, the mosquitos and insects are trapped in a retainer cage by the whisper-quiet, yet powerful fan.

Acase InaTrap

"Inatrap allows us to enjoy a weekend picnic, camping trips or even an evening in the living room without the need to worry about insects," said Tom Hsieh, Sales and Marketing Manager of Acase. "You can eliminate mosquitos and other insects in a lot of ways, but only InaTrap will do it effectively, safely and in style."
Designed to resemble an avant-garde porcelain sculpture, Inatrap weighs less than three pounds, making it portable and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.  In addition to featuring an 8 hour built-in timer and an instant touch operation button, Inatrap is also easy to clean and 100% noiseless. 

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