Crux Loaded Case Turns Your iPad Into A Laptop

Posted on Jun 2 2011 - 9:06am by Russ


Most folks tend to slap a protective case, or cover, on their iPad and call it good.  Some others want the option to have their iPad act like more of a laptop.  If, sometimes, you have the need to type large amounts of text the touch screen can be a bit tough, I get it.  While we have looked at iPad keyboard cases, like the Menotek iPad 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case, the Crux Loaded case seems to be the best yet.  However, you will have to wait until this fall to purchase the Crux Loaded case.  Read on for what makes this iPad 2 keyboard case so amazing.

The Crux Loaded iPad 2 Keyboard case has a few things that make it stand out.  First it has a battery built in below the keyboard that provides an additional 7.5 hours.  Second it has a built-in trackpad that should support the same multi-touch functions of the iPad 2.  We can't wait to get our hands on the Crux Loaded for a full review.

Crux Loaded

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