Reveiw Of The Original Whiskey Ball

Posted on Sep 25 2013 - 6:38am by Adam E

The Whiskey Ball

I always wondered how the higher end restaurants and and bars made the nice large square ice cube in my whiskey… I’ve never seen it in the ball shape like the new “The Original Whiskey Ball“.  I’ve tried The Original Whiskey Ball and it’s awesome!  At home, my ice always melts before I’m done with my drink.  Not any more. With the Whiskey Ball… I’ve been refilling my glass several times before the ball melts.

The kit I received came with two white silicone balls.  They are made of two pieces and have a hole on the top.  Fill the ball with filtered or distilled water and freeze (obviously).  After four hours I removed the top of the ball with ease.  The ice stays with the bottom, and for some reason, I had a really hard time getting the ice ball separated with the bottom half of the maker.  I’ve tried four different times and all times, I’ve had a hard time.  The Web site has a tips & tricks page, but none of them helped with removing the lower half from the ice… Other than that, It is very cool to have the long lasting and smooth ice ball in my beverage.  If you drink whiskey and don’t want to deal with the standard, and quick melting, ice cubes you should check it out.  And maybe you can tell me an easier way of separating the ice. LOL.  It’s also cool when your friends or dad come over and you hand them a drink with this ball of ice.  Get a set of Whiskey Ball’s ($24) here.
Whiskey Ball
  • Round shape reduces water dilution caused by melting ice
  • Perfect for classic cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages, water, and even coffee
  • Creates a full 2 1/2″ ice ball – the largest in its class
  • Flexible silicone material allows instant removal of ice
  • Features leak-proof design and water fill-line

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