SmartPlane = iPhone Controlled Airplane

Posted on Dec 3 2013 - 3:03pm by Robby S.
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iPhone Controlled Airplane SmartPlane

You already have the iPhone right?  If not, get one, then get a Smart Plane that is controlled via your standard iPhone.  This iPhone controlled SmartPlane will fly for about 5 minutes on a 15 minute charge.  The iPhone's screen is used to show horizontal orientation as well as control the plane.  Slide your thumb to go up and down and tilt the iPhone to turn, it is that easy.

The SmartPlane works with the latest BluetoothSmart wireless technology for long range and flight time. Oh, and there is no cumbersome pairing. Simply hold the phone close to the plane and you’re ready to fly.

See the SmartPlane in action with a cool video after the break.

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