Waterproof Gadgets With HzO WaterBlock

Posted on Jan 9 2013 - 9:56am by Russ

Remember the waterproofing company Liquipel from last year?  Well they just got some competition from a new company named HzO.

The HzO coating is called WaterBlock and claims that it protects better than the competition (aka Liquipel).  The WaterBlock technology is applied via a "chemical vapor deposition process" and protects against most liquids (water, beer, soda, juice, etc,).

"The coating process offered by other companies sprays a thin hydrophobic coating on both the interior and exterior of the device which can aid in driving away light splashes to the device, but leave microscopic gaps and openings that allow water, humidity and moisture to eventually seep through and damage the internal sensitive circuitry, especially when submerged."

Currently HzO is going after the OEM (original equipment manufacturers) instead of the users.  This means that you can't send in your current gadgets.  You can only hope they are successful selling to companies like Apple, Canon, etc, 

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