Yamaha Micro Component System MCR-140

Posted on Oct 14 2010 - 9:05am by Robby S.

Yamaha MCR-140

For about $400 you can choose one of several colors of a very decent micro component stereo system, the Yamaha MCR-140.  The MCR-140 has FM Radio, remote control, detachable speakers, a CD Player, USB input, 3.5mm inputs, and an iPod dock with wireless transmitter so you can control your iPod/iPhone music from anywhere in the room.  Online reviews are very positive.  More pictures of and details after the break.


  • Features yAired (Yamaha original wireless) technology, for wireless enjoyment of your iPod
  • System has CD player, an FM radio, USB and mini jack inputs
  • Perfectly matched amp and speakers for high efficiency and performance
  • Has advanced YST technology to deliver big bass sound
  • Built in iPod dock

Yamaha MCR-140 Grey

Yamaha MCR-140 White

Yamaha MCR-140 Blue

Enjoy All Your Favorite Music
The MCR-040 puts your favorite music sources within easy reach. It’s got a CD player, an FM radio, USB and mini jack inputs for portable audio devices, and a dock on top for an iPod, which you can control with the handy card-sized remote control. The iPod and USB device charge both while in use and in standby mode. What’s more, it has both a clock timer and a sleep timer.
Perfectly Matched Amp and Speakers
Both the amp and speakers are designed for high efficiency and performance, so the sound is bigger and better than you expect from components of this size. They were also planned and carefully tested for best audio integration.
Advanced YST Technology Delivers Big Bass Sound
Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology (YST) is a major reason for the high performance of Yamaha speakers, and is especially suited for small speakers. The CD receiver and speakers work together, using negative impedance drive to produce small low-frequency signals, which are enhanced to large outputs by precisely designed speaker cabinet and port. The result is powerful, accurate bass that seems to be coming from a much larger speaker.
VCCS Technology
Vibration Control Cabinet Structure(VCCS) solves the problem of speaker cabinet vibration with strategically placed pieces of wood whose shapes, positions and angles were arrived at after a long process of experimentation. It also uses special foam rubber that provides excellent vibration isolation performance.

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  1. Eliza Winters December 1, 2011 at 9:59 am -

    Those are really cool blasts from the past. They would definitely be fun to have. Do they have any sort of vibration control on them? Thanks for sharing the pictures. Can I buy them in stores?

  2. Kellie Cruz December 15, 2011 at 11:48 pm -

    lol just kidding

  3. Kiyingi Ronald November 3, 2017 at 4:04 am -

    I need the remote of my Yamaha radio which my kid dripped in water, how much is one

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