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You bring home your shiny new car or truck and admire all of the time and energy that went into the design, then you see the front license plate bracket/mount and you begin to cry. It is like the car was ready to load on a delivery truck and they forgot that it needed a place for the front license plate so they just slapped one on. Most vehicle license plate brackets are ugly, bulky, and sometimes they even rattle.

Well, for once, our California politicians approved some decent laws (SB806, SB1399, SB1387, and AB1614) and are allowing license plate decals. Assuming you make it through the DMV bureaucracy. The easiest path to a clean and legal solution is at For just $50 they do all of the back-and-forths with CA DMV and ultimately ship you a high quality and great looking license plate decal. Watch the video after the break if you want to see how easy the installation is – (more…)

Retevis RT45 Backlit LCD

Haven’t heard of Retevis? Give it time, you will. Retevis is making quite a name for themselves stateside with their high quality and low priced line of radios. They have everything from low to high-end radios from 0.5-watts up to a full 10-watts! On to the Retevis RT45 FRS/GMRS review. (more…)

Wosports W600

The Wosport’s W600 multi-function range finder is an amazing piece of technology.  It is light weight, but durably with a firm rubberized exterior.  And, the most important part, it is accurate. Read on for the full review. (more…)

Catalyst Impact Protection Case

For the first time in quite a while I have stopped looking for a new iPhone X case. I have tried just about all styles from super cheap cases to expensive cases, Apple branded cases and everything in between. Some were, unsurprisingly, better than others but none better than my latest case – the Catalyst Impact Protection Case for iPhone (X, XS, XR, XS Max). Read on for a quick review. (more…)

Pemenol Wireless Vehicle Backup Sensor System Control Unit

If you happen to have a vehicle that doesn’t have a rear camera or backup sensors, you should check out an aftermarket reverse/backup radar system. A friend of mine has an older pickup truck and has a tough time backing up. The truck is so long that he can’t tell if he is 6-inches or 6-feet away from obstacles, not to mention the dangerous blind spots. Long story short, we spent about 4-hours installing the system this weekend. Read on for that review. (more…)

Peteast Retractable Dog Leash 16-foot

I have been using a traditional leash for my pup, and previous pups. The good old fashioned leash served me well but had some issues which I didn’t realize until I upgraded to a retractable leash. Read on for the review of the Peteast Retractable Dog Leash after the break. (more…)

BBQ season is here. Time to step up your grilling game. Check out the ThermoWorks Smoke 2-channel Alarm Thermometer with wireless remote receiver. Perfect for precision and high temp cooking where you want to know exactly what is going on with your food and cooking space. I spent the last month getting to know the ThermoWorks Smoke, read on for the full review.

Let me start off with a bit of spoiler alert – both boards are great and the comparisons are tough to do in an apples-to-apples fashion. With that said, let’s discuss the merits of both the Boosted Boards Dual+ (with extended battery) and the Evolve Skateboards Carbon GT. Read on for details. ...

It is tough to get excited about your Lightning cable. They work great, until they don’t and that is the problem. Shouldn’t they last more than 6-months?! I have gone through too many Lightning cables to count. My cables tend to fail in the same ways; the plastic cable coating splits or the same coating comes loose at the business ends. Both failures expose the internal cabling which can potentially cause an electrical short and ultimately a dangerous situation. Cable fires...

Apparently the 1980’s trend of big “portable” boomboxes is making a comeback, with some modern technology of course. Think Bluetooth portable speaker on steroids, basically a Bluetooth Boombox. Apparently this trend has been developing steam… news to me. Some how I ended reading online reviews of the Aiwa Exos-9 ($299) and had to dig a bit...