Feisty Pets Get Vicious When Squeezed

Posted on Nov 18 2016 - 6:10pm by Lisa C.


Instead of giving your naughty kids coal this year give them Feisty Pets ($20). These adorable stuffed animals go from cute to scary when squeezed. Depending on the kids age, I imagine they might have nightmares. Thumbs up.


The Feisty Pets stuffed animals are available in many different types including; dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, bears, pandas, and guinea pigs. More pictures and video of these face changing stuffed animals after the break.

feisty-pets-stuffed-animals-christmas-bear feisty-pets-stuffed-animals-dog  feisty-pets-stuffed-animals-monkey feisty-pets-stuffed-animals-panda feisty-pets-stuffed-animals-styles

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