Life Saving Life Bag by Snowpulse

Posted on Apr 8 2009 - 2:46pm by Craig

A crazy-ass snowboarding buddy of mine sent me this one. This one goes out to all of you extreme snow sports enthusiasts (you know, the ones surfing the gadget sites). Simply called the Life Bag, by Snowpulse, is an avalanche survival system integrated into a backpack . If your extreme death defying antics land you in an avalanche, the Life Bag may save your life – just pull the handle! The Life Bag will inflate in three seconds, protecting head, chest and thorax, favoring a victim lying in an upward facing position and drawing attention to your predicament with its festive red coloring. According to my source, the LifeBag can also be used to dislodge a fat chick from ones face. To learn more about the Life Bag while listening to some dude reading a script in foreign accented monotone – see the video below.

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