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Posted on Dec 2 2009 - 11:55am by Russ

GPS Tracking Key Pro

It looks like the folks at LandAirSea have done it again, their latest GPS Tracking Key Pro works flawlessly and has double the battery life.  Read on for the full LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key Pro review.

New Features:

LandAirSea's Tracking Key (let's call it version 1) worked great but battery life wasn't super long and there wasn't a way to power the device with anything but the AAA batteries.

Things have changed with the Tracking Key Pro (version 2).  The pro version is a much cleaner design and runs twice as long using AA batteries.  The device still stores 100 hours of driving time which is a ton of data, almost too much in reality.  One of the best parts besides the fact that you can change batteries without using a screwdriver is the fact that you can power the device off of the cars 12V system (must buy an additional cable).  This means the device can stay on the car for a looong time.

  •    1 Hour per Day Driving batteries will last for 6 Weeks
  •    2 Hours per Day Driving batteries will last for 4 Weeks
  •    4 Hours per Day Driving batteries will last for 2 Weeks

Power Draw – Track Mode: 49mA, Sleep Mode: 0.072mA

GPS Track Key Pro Package


The GPS Tracking Key Pro is water resistant but not waterproof.  We put ours in a zip lock bag and used the device on a rainy day with no problems.  The accuracy is good, down to 2.5-meters which is pretty close to perfect.  The data that is recorded includes address of stops, speed, time en route, duration of stops, and final address.  The amazing battery life is aided by a built in motion detector that puts the device in sleep mode after two minutes of inactivity.

Getting the data off of the gps tracker is very easy, simply plug in the (included) USB cable to any Windows 2000, XP, or Vista PC (must install the bundled software and google earth) download the data and enjoy.  There are three options for viewing the data “a daily text log; route display over animated digital street map; or route display on satellite imagery with Google Earth interface.”

Since the device is a passive GPS tracker there are no service charges or fee's.  The only catch is that you physically need to recover the device to enjoy the data.

We had one issue (a mistake on our part) and had to call LandAirSea's technical support, they answered the phone and helped us resolve the issue in a matter of minutes.  Kudos.



GPS tracker LandAirSea GPS Passive GPS Google Earth GPS


GPS Tracking Key Pro Specs:

  • Superior GPS reception
  • No monthly fees
  • Records route, speed, direction and stops every second
  • Runs on just two (2) AA batteries (alkaline or lithium)
  • Easy-access battery compartment
  • On/off switch
  • Up to 100 hours of flash memory
  • Included software allows 3 options for data viewing
  • Water-resistant
  • Compact and lightweight for covert placement
  • Powerful magnet for easy installation, inside or outside vehicle
  • Motion-activated; enters sleep mode after 2 minutes of inactivity
  • Optional 12-volt accessory cable
  • Free technical support from domestic-based LAS representatives
  • 12 month Manufacturer Warranty


You can purchase the GPS Tracking Key Pro here for $269 (they also sell the cables to run off of the cars 12V system as well).  And if you are interested in fleet management they do that to,

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    The Tracking Key Pro is highly coveted by law enforcement agencies and parents of teen driver. The device is simple to use and requires no monthly fees. More information on how the GPS Pro can assist consumer applications can be found at

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