Craftsman 1470 Piece Tool Set, I Want It

Posted on May 7 2008 - 1:39pm by Russ

Craftsman Tool Set

Before I get too far into this post please keep in mind my birthday is right around the corner.  Seriously, I would be ok with this gift… email me for the shipping address.

OK… ok, on with the coolness that this Craftsman toolset is.  I have always been a fan of Craftsman because they will, typically, replace any of their tools if they manage to break.  Unfortunately, in an effort to save money, I tend to buy the cheap tool sets that come in the cool cases, because I like the organization they provide.  The only problem is that the cheap tools break one-by-one.  Only $8,600 at Sears.

What comes in the set (34131)?

  • 300pcs – Base essentials set (33300)
  • 198pcs – Professional essentials set (33198)
  • 189pcs – Specialized essentials set (35189)
  • 204pcs – Advanced access pro’s set (33204)
  • 106pcs – Advanced professional tool set (35106)
  • 89pcs – Specialized access professional tool set (35086)
  • 83pcs – Ultimate fully-polished ratcheting set (35183)
  • 77pcs – Heavy-duty mechanic’s set (35079)
  • 94pcs – Auto specialty professional tool set (35098)
  • 130pcs – Professional impact set (34130)

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